New year, new issue

Hard copies of the journal (yes, we still do those!) have been delivered this week. The first issue of Antipode‘s 45th volume contains 12 papers and a short essay from the winner of the 2012-13 Antipode Graduate Student Scholarship…


Climate LeviathanJoel Wainwright and Geoff Mann (see also the symposium consisting of several critical responses and the authors’ reply here)

Immigrants, Banlieues, and Dangerous Things: Ideology as an Aesthetic AffairMustafa Dikeç

Audit Bodies: Embodied Participation, Disability Universalism, and Accessibility in IndiaMichele Friedner and Jamie Osborne

Reconceptualizing Resistance: Residuals of the State and Democratic Radical PluralismDeborah G. Martin and Joseph Pierce

Teaching Global and Social Justice as Transgressive Spaces of PossibilitySara C. Motta

Participation and Passive Revolution: The Reproduction of Neoliberal Water Governance Mechanisms in Durban, South AfricaFiona Nash

The Adaptative Nature of Neoliberalism at the Local Scale: Fifteen Years of City Improvement Districts in Cape Town and JohannesburgSophie Didier, Marianne Morange and Elisabeth Peyroux (the authors introduce their paper in a video abstract here)

Constructed Revolutions: Cinematic Representation of the Spaces of Politics – Ankara: Serdce Tureckii – Guven Arif Sargın

Regimes of Ethical Value? Landscape, Race, and Representation in the Canadian Diamond IndustryKolson Schlosser

Unfree Again: Social Reproduction, Flexible Labour Markets, and the Resurgence of Gang Labour in the UKKendra Strauss

Banking Nature? The Spectacular Financialisation of Environmental ConservationSian Sullivan

Problematising Labour’s Agency: Rescaling Collective Bargaining in British Columbia Pulp and Paper MillsBrendan Sweeney and John Holmes

Territories of Life and Death on a Colombian FrontierTeo Ballvé (you can see Teo discussing his work in a video abstract here)