New Antipode papers available now


The first two issues of Antipode 47 have now been sent to the publishers. They’ll be available in Wiley Online Library in early 2015; the papers, though, can be read now. There are great essays in both issues on neoliberal natures, new materialisms and autonomist Marxism; on local food and urban agriculture; on water, extractive industries and political ecology; on protest, occupation, organising and commoning; and on labour, gentrification, conservation, colonialism, climate change and much more besides…

Antipode Volume 47 Number 1

New Materialisms and Neoliberal Natures by Bruce Braun

Neoliberal Capitalism and Conservation in the Post-crisis Era: The Dialectics of “Green” and “Un-green” Grabbing in Greece and the UK by Evangelia Apostolopoulou and William M. Adams

Escape into the City: Everyday Practices of Commoning and the Production of Urban Space in Dublin by Michael Byrne and Patrick Bresnihan

“Much in Blood and Money”: Necropolitical Ecology on the Margins of the Uganda Protectorate by Connor Joseph Cavanagh and David Himmelfarb

Sentimental Capitalism in Contemporary India: Art, Heritage, and Development in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Dia Da Costa

The Politics of Open Defecation: Informality, Body, and Infrastructure in Mumbai by Renu Desai, Colin McFarlane and Steve Graham

Sub-surface Property, Free-entry Mineral Staking, and Settler Colonialism in Canada by Dawn Hoogeveen

British Jobs for British Workers? Negotiating Work, Nation, and Globalisation through the Lindsey Oil Refinery Disputes by Anthony Ince, David Featherstone, Andrew Cumbers, Danny MacKinnon and Kendra Strauss

Industrial District and the Multiplication of Labour: The Chinese Apparel Industry in Prato, Italy by Tu Lan

How Capitalism Will Save Colonialism: The Privatization of Reserve Lands in Canada by Shiri Pasternak

Engaged Universals and Community Economies: The (Human) Right to Water in Colombia by Verónica Perera

Governing the Commercial Streets of the City: New Terrains of Disinvestment and Gentrification in Toronto’s Inner Suburbs by Katharine N. Rankin and Heather McLean

Disparity Despite Diversity: Social Injustice in New York City’s Urban Agriculture System by Kristin Reynolds

“This is how I want to live my life”: An Experiment in Prefigurative Feminist Organizing for a More Equitable and Inclusive City by Janet Siltanen, Fran Klodawsky and Caroline Andrew

Antipode Volume 47 Number 2

The Anti-Politics of Climate Finance: The Creation and Performativity of the Green Climate Fund by Sarah Bracking

Homeland Heroes: Migrants and Soldiers in the Neoliberal Era by Noelle Kateri Brigden and Wendy A. Vogt

Champions of the Movement or Fair-weather Heroes? Individualization and the (A)politics of Local Food by Julianne H. Busa and Rebekah Garder

Sold Futures? The Global Availability of Metals and Economic Growth at the Peripheries: Distribution and Regulation in a Degrowth Perspective by Andreas Exner, Christian Lauk and Werner Zittel

Urban Ecology Under Fire: Water Supply in Madrid During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) by Santiago Gorostiza, Hug March and David Saurí

By Any Means Necessary: Urban Regeneration and the “State of Exception” in Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games 2014 by Neil Gray and Libby Porter

Taking Space: Moments of Rupture and Everyday Life in Occupy London by Sam Halvorsen

Rescaled “Rebel Cities”, Nationalisation, and the Bourgeois Utopia: Dialectics Between Urban Social Movements and Regulation for Japan’s Homeless by Mahito Hayashi

Unearthing Women’s Anti-Mining Activism in the Andes: Pachamama and the “Mad Old Women” by Katy Jenkins

Beyond The Limits to Growth: Ecology and the Neoliberal Counterrevolution by Sara Holiday Nelson

Subprime Housing Goes South: Constructing Securitised Mortgages for the Poor in Mexico by Susanne Soederberg

Acts of Desertion: Abandonment and Renouncement at the Sonoran Borderzone by Vicki Squire

Gentrification Interrupted in Salford, UK: From New Deal to “Limbo-Land” in a Contemporary Urban Periphery by Andrew Wallace

Touching Like a State by Keith Woodward and Mario Bruzzone