Antipode in the Time of Coronavirus – a message from the Editorial Collective

To our readers, authors and referees,

In response to emerging government advice regarding Covid-19 and suites of measures taken to deal with it, Antipode’s Editorial Collective is instituting a moratorium on reviewing new submissions received from mid March to mid April. We’ll do our very best to handle all papers as quickly as possible as we come to terms with the situation.

We’ll also do our best to process papers already in the pipeline, though we realise that the capacity of authors, referees and editors is limited at this time. Any referees or authors who need more time or cannot review/revise and re-submit at the moment should please just email our Managing Editor, Andy Kent ([email protected]).

While we’re muddling through, keeping the good ship Antipode afloat, now is the time to practice care (of the self as well as others) and mutual aid, slowing down the production process as we focus our energies on social reproduction. The unfolding conjunctural crisis lays bare issues that have been key concerns of this journal (globalised production, social inequalities, the privatisation of social provisioning, what is considered as socially useful labour, etc.), and will be in need of radical reflection, generative thinking and transformative politics for the hopefully better days to come.

We do hope you understand and accept our apologies.

Very best wishes,

Marion Werner, Kiran Asher, Laura Barraclough, Dave Featherstone, Alex Loftus, Stefan Ouma and Andy Kent

The Antipode Editorial Collective