Power Abuse in Academia

The recent publication of the book Sexual Misconduct in Academia: Informing an Ethics of Care in the University, edited by Erin Pritchard and Delyth Edwards (Routledge, 2023), and the associated coverage of allegations that senior scholars—especially prominent men on the Left—have engaged in sexual abuse, sexual harassment, intellectual exploitation, plagiarism and clientelism against women, some of them Indigenous leaders and scholars from the Global South, give occasion for us to reiterate our condemnation of the different forms of power abuse that continue to shape academia.

Antipode’s Editorial Collective and the Antipode Foundation’s board of trustees stand in solidarity with the victims and remark our commitment to radical and critical scholarship, one that is reflexive about the ways in which misogyny, racism, class-based discrimination and geopolitical privilege, among other systems of oppression, continue to shape practices of knowledge production—including among those who are publicly known, even celebrated, as radical Leftist scholars. We would point readers towards the great work being done by the American Association of Geographers around “Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” and encourage applications for Antipode Foundation “Right to the Discipline” grants when the next call for proposals is launched later in 2023.