Scholar-Activist Project Awards – 2018/19 recipients

Black Feminist Spatial Imaginaries in Northeast Portland: Drawing a reconstruction, resistance, and reclamation of place

  • Lisa K. Bates (Portland State University / Black Life Experiential Research Group)

Pay the Rent: Re-envisioning and re-forming gentrified landscapes in Aboriginal Sydney

  • Naama Blatman-Thomas and Dallas Rogers (University of Sydney) and Joel Sherwood Spring and Genevieve Zoe Murray (Future Method Studio)

Jackson People’s School

  • Caroline Sage Ponder (Florida State University), Willie Wright (Rutgers University), Noel Didla (Office of the Mayor, Jackson, MS–Tougaloo College Partnership and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement) and Akil Bakari (Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)

The Prison Law Archive: Recovering a lost history of anti-prison struggle in California

  • Yusef Omowale (Southern California Library), Catherine Campbell (Fresno, CA), Stephen Jones (The Graduate Center, CUNY) and Jessie Speer (Queen Mary University of London)