Scholar-Activist Project Awards – 2016/17 recipients

Beyond Indigeneity: Rights, Resources, and Political Mobilization in Oaxaca, Mexico

Joe Bryan (Geography Department, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA), Kiado Cruz and Oliver Froehling (Servicios Universitarios y Redes de Conocimientos de Oaxaca [SURCO], Oaxaca, México –

Mapping Disappearances, Abuses, and Resistance from the Inside and Out: A Real-Time Map of U.S. Immigration Detention

Christina Mansfield and Gene Lockett (Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement [CIVIC], San Francisco, CA, USA –, Guerrilla Cartography (Oakland, CA, USA – and Nancy Hiemstra (Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Stony Brook University, USA)

The PDX Black Gardens Project: Reworking Portland’s Sustainability Narratives through Collaborative Oral History

Nathan McClintock (Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University, USA), Julius McGee (Department of Sociology, Portland State University, USA), Shantae Johnson and Arthur Shavers (MudBone Grown, Portland, OR, USA)

A People’s Guide Online

Laura Pulido (Geography & Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon, USA), Alexander Tarr (Geography & Environmental Science, Worcester State University, USA), Laura Barraclough (American Studies, Yale University, USA) and Wendy Cheng (American Studies, Scripps College, USA)