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Katherine McKittrick (Queen’s University, Canada), Tariq Jazeel (University College London, UK) and Nik Theodore (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA) left the Editorial Collective in 2019, with Katherine and Tariq joining Jenny Pickerill (University of Sheffield, UK) as trustees of the Antipode Foundation.

As if handling almost 1,000 submissions between them wasn’t enough, Katherine and Tariq were central to the conception and execution of Keywords in Radical Geography: Antipode at 50, our free-to-download collection of 50 essays on critical geography’s histories, current condition and possible future directions. They’ve been exemplary editors, tirelessly committed to the journal’s flourishing, and often going beyond the call of duty as mentors to early career researchers. They will be missed by many.

Nik was a peerless Editor-in-Chief, reading each and every submission in his six years at the helm (that’s around 1,500 papers!?). In the last couple of years, he oversaw the growth of the Editorial Collective to six and played a pivotal role in the negotiation of the Antipode Foundation’s latest publishing agreement with Wiley. These highlights aside, in all his actions as EIC (at countless meetings, conferences and workshops) Nik went above and beyond the call of duty, representing the journal with aplomb and fiercely defending its interests at every turn. He will be missed immeasurably.

But not for long – Nik will return as a trustee of the Foundation in 2020. And we’re delighted that Marion Werner (University at Buffalo SUNY, USA) will be stepping up to become the journal’s next “Editor” (we’re dropping the “-in-Chief” bit!). Incidentally, we’ve got Nik to thank for Marion’s appointment, too – he said she was Editor(-in-Chief) material the first time he met her!

We’re also pleased to welcome Stefan Ouma (University of Bayreuth, Germany) to the team. Stefan writes prolifically on the making of agricultural markets, drawing from a wide range of theoretical approaches including STS, political economy, agrarian studies, and more. His latest book, Farming as Financial Asset: Global Finance and the Making of Institutional Landscapes, will be published by Agenda in 2020.

Future members of Antipode’s Editorial Collective will be appointed by the trustees of the Antipode Foundation. If you are interested in becoming more involved with Antipode please let us know: [email protected]

Andy Kent, September 2019

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    Marion Werner

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