Re-membering Rebellion in the Forgotten East: Knowledge Coproduction as a Necessary Link in the De/fence of Ch’orti’ Territory

Jennifer J. Casolo (Universidad Rafael Landívar), Lesly Ramírez (Universidad Autónoma Nacional San Carlos), Jacobo Omar Jerónimo (Central de Organizaciones Indígenas Campesina Ch’orti’, Nuevo Día) and Peter Marchetti Raph (Universidad Rafael Landívar)

Here you’ll find a superb report from Jennifer and colleagues that includes a succinct summary of the major achievements of the project (its participants, activities supported, its contribution to radical geographic scholarship and practice, its outcomes and legacies), a candid consideration of the major problems/difficulties encountered, and the team’s plans for the future.

We share it here in the interests of transparency and to encourage further applications; it’s an exemplary look inside a living scholar-activist project from which we might learn invaluable lessons.