Regional Encounter and Workshop on Radical Methodologies in Contested Places: Approaching Decolonization in Central America

***Post-workshop report, June 2019***

Goya Wilson Vasquez and Jessica Martínez-Cruz sent us this brilliant post-workshop report in June 2019; you can read all about the activities that took place in Managua last year here: “Radical Methodologies in Contested Places: Decolonising Practices in Central America and the Caribbean“, Regional Encounter/Workshop, Managua, 21-24 February 2018.

***Call for applicants, November 2017***

Metodologías Radicales en Espacios en Disputa: Prácticas descolonizadoras en CentroAmérica y el Caribe – Encuentro regional

Radical Methodologies in Contested Places: Approaching Decolonization in Central America and the Caribbean – Regional Encounter and Workshop

21-24 February, Managua, Nicaragua

The encounter and workshop will open a space to bring together activist researchers from Central America and the Caribbean and facilitators/allies from other critical geographies. Together, we propose to enter into a dialogue for three and a half days around the question: How are people who find themselves at the juncture between research, action, and critical pedagogies to do “decolonial” or “decolonising” research in practice?

The event will be anchored in the experiences of participants from activist groups. In this way, it will make possible an in-depth reflection of our practices of activism and social research, as well as a revalorisation of our actions as processes of “decolonisation”. Our efforts are placed on the intellectual decolonization of ourselves as individual and collective beings, and of our practices. We aim to collectively develop innovative ways to approach individual and collective memories of our peoples and our struggles as part of such decolonization.

En Espacios en Disputa

We invite groups and collectives doing activist-research in Central America and the Caribbean to apply. More information:

This event is organised by Aula Propia, the Universidad Centroamericana de Nicaragua, and the University of Bristol. It is supported by an International Workshop Award from the Antipode Foundation, and by the Caribbean Central American Research Council (CCARC).

Aula Propia

Universidad Centroamericana de Nicaragua

University of Bristol