The Critical Classroom

All Antipode authors are invited to contribute to a new initiative, “The Critical Classroom”. The current conjuncture reminds us that students are hungry for dissenting thought, and equally we know that instructors who choose to publish in Antipode are eager to engage with and learn from those students. Our new project, we hope, will go some way to addressing this, and to foregrounding the journal’s commitment to teaching conceived as radical praxis.

We’d like to create a commons resource of radical geography teaching suggestions and pedagogical reflections built around published Antipode content, and built by the authors of that content. This will address the importance of teaching, and platform the space of the classroom, as integral components of the radical geographical project.

We don’t want to suggest anything too burdensome for authors, so what we’re looking for is a response to two questions:

  1. In no more than 500 words, describe what advanced level class and/or what module/course you would teach your article in, and what kinds of discussions, debates, or conversations you would want to use your article to precipitate. In other words, pedagogically, what would you want students to gain from engaging with your article?
  2. List up to 5 resources you would want students to consider and engage with alongside your article in this pedagogical context. As well as articles and books, these resources might include webpages or websites, films, documentaries, podcasts, or other kinds of media and events. There is an opportunity here to think beyond the confines of a journal article.

We’ll use your reflections to produce a simple and short webpage which will be posted on the “Critical Classroom” tab of These will be tagged with keywords, and as the archive pages grows, users will be able to search easily and effectively.

The Antipode Editorial Collective, July 2020

Radical teaching resources

Metelkova as Autonomous Heterotopia” by Nathan Siegrist and Håkan Thörn