Brett Story

Brett Story (@brettpstory) is a writer, geographer, and non-fiction filmmaker based out of Toronto. Her award-winning films have been screened at numerous festivals, and 2016’s The Prison in Twelve Landscapes, which shows how penitentiaries in the United States reflect power structures braided deeply into the relationships, economies and landscapes all around us, was broadcast on PBS’s Independent Lens in 2017. Brett’s journalism and film criticism have appeared on CBC Radio and in The Nation magazine, among other places, and the University of Minnesota Press published her brilliant book, Prison Land: Mapping Carceral Power across Neoliberal America, in 2019. Brett holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Toronto, was a 2018 Guggenheim Fellow in film and video, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Image Arts at Ryerson University. Her most recent feature film is titled The Hottest August.