(G) Delhi Urban Ecologies

Delhi Urban Ecologies, Delhi, India

Participant at the IGJ: Rohit Negit (Ambedkar University Delhi)

“We’ve had a project running since last year, and there has been mobilization and action. It crosses across policy-makers and community. Some organizations want to turn these green patches in Delhi into some sort of place for morning joggers. In that kind of ecosystem, we take into account the antelopes, and the carnivores that are present in that space. At the same time, not wanting to plant evergreens only for joggers nor cutting the patches into smaller places. We have cameras to look for jackals. In this case there is a mobilization, and the media has a role to play. We are also talking to the people living on the edges of these patches, but they are not the ones that are mobilizing around it. The ones mobilizing around it are the bourgeois environmentalists.”

Figure 13

Figure 13 shows the public engagement for the Delhi Urban Ecologies project. Unlike the previous projects, this project was predominately community led, with an academic public only engaged at the research phase. Due to the nature of the project, non-human factors were also crucial at the research and dissemination phases. However, in this project, due to the multiple other factors and people involved daily, most engagements with publics were during the research phase.

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