Intervention — “Trans Liberation in the UK is Under Threat: How Geographers Can Respond”

James David Todd (University of Glasgow) Trans lives are flourishing with greater visibility now than at any period in our recent history. Yet in the UK, trans and gender diverse people...
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A layered image composed of four encounters with water offered by each of the CritRest Collective. A mossy log alongside iridescent water is layered with the ripples of coastal delta waters, floating ice patches on a frozen lake, and a muddy stream with a tree-lined reflection.

Symposium: Critical Restoration Geographies

Introduction – Meandering through Critical Restoration Geographies: A Reading Group Collective The CritRest Collective – Christian Keeve (University of Kentucky), Erin Clancy (University of...
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Intervention – “Ethical Minoritarianism, and How it Helps to Build a Planetary Commons”

Oli Mould (Royal Holloway, University of London) The following Intervention is an adapted extract from Seven Ethics Against Capitalism: Towards a Planetary Commons, published by Polity in July...
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The 2018 Antipode AAG Lecture – “Between the Wage and the Commons: Directions for a New Feminist Agenda” by Silvia Federici

The 2018 Antipode AAG Lecture Between the Wage and the Commons: Directions for a New Feminist Agenda Silvia Federici (Hofstra University, New York) The 2018 Antipode AAG Lecture will take place on...
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Heather McLean

New paper – 'Digging into the Creative City: A Feminist Critique' by Heather McLean

Today we're pleased to present the second featured paper from our June 2014 issue (Antipode 46:3), Heather McLean's 'Digging into the creative city: A feminist critique'... A sense of frustration...
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Author interview – Louise Waite speaks about ‘Negotiating difference through everyday encounters: The case of sexual orientation and religion and belief’

The March 2012 issue of Antipode is out now. We have an editorial, 'Announcing the Antipode Foundation', a book review symposium exploring Ananya Roy's excellent Poverty Capital: Microfinance and the...
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