Teaching Critical and Radical Geographies: A Pioneering Master’s Programme

Federico Ferretti, Kath Browne and Julien Mercille (School of Geography, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland) Critical and radical geographies are well established fields in the...
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Book review symposium – James C. Scott’s “Two Cheers for Anarchism”

Just in time for this year's festival of self-organisation on May 1st, International Workers' Day, we're pleased to present a book review symposium on James C. Scott's Two Cheers for Anarchism....
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Book Review – Mazen Labban on Timothy Mitchell’s “Carbon Democracy: Political Power in the Age of Oil”

Mazen Labban - visiting professor in the Department of Geography at Rutgers University, Antipode author (see here and here) and International Advisory Board member, and author of the excellent Space,...
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Video abstract – Leah Horowitz talks about 'Translation Alignment: Actor-Network Theory, Resistance, and the Power Dynamics of Alliance in New Caledonia'

Last week we reiterated how here at AntipodeFoundation.org we welcome what political scientists and academic bloggers Patrick Dunleavy and Chris Gilson call the communication of “bottom-line...
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Police, protest, and spaces of power

by Rachel Brahinsky, University of California Berkeley In this season of global occupations, the geographies of police violence have been on my mind. As we begin to unveil this new blog, I plan on...
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The Lone Protester (photograph by Jesse Goldstein)

Virtual issue – 'The protester'

George W. Bush, like Stalin (1939 and 1942) and Reagan (1980 and 1983) got it twice (2000 and 2004). Bush snr (1990) and Hitler (1938) were one-time winners. Good guys get it sometimes, too: Martin...
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