Intervention – “Trajectories of Russian Resistance to the War in Ukraine”

Sven Daniel Wolfe (University of Lausanne) Minor Parallels There is something in Hans Fallada’s Alone in Berlin that resonates with today’s Russia. Based on Gestapo files of actual...
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Intervention – “Micro-War: How Russia are using Gig Platforms for Reconnaissance”

Olivia Butler (Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University) Speaking of the gig economy conjures images of dystopic futures with isolated, overworked, and underpaid...
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Intervention – 'Eastern partners or chaotic neighbors? The contested geopolitics and geoeconomics of integrating Ukraine and Moldova'

by Austin Crane, University of Washington-Seattle
, and Adam Levy, University of Colorado-Boulder Introduction Since 2004, the European Union’s Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) instrument has governed...
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