Patrick Bond on COP17

Antipode International Advisory Board member Patrick Bond can be seen speaking about the UN Climate Change Conference 2011, social and environmental justice, and protest on Monday 5 December 2011’s Democracy Now! (he’s on at around 19 minutes). It’s explosive stuff: Post-COP17, says Patrick, “the U.S. will be remembered as enemy one. And we’ll start moving to the second step: international criminal or tribunal processes to really name the U.S. And then maybe we can get to the point where sanctions against U.S. products…punish it for basically wrecking the prospects of a deal on climate”. Patrick was interviewed again by Democracy Now! about climate justice and activism on 8 December.

Patrick BondPatrick’s paper ‘Emissions Trading, New Enclosures and Eco-Social Contestation’ will be in Antipode 44:3 (June 2012), and is available online now here. And for more on the politics of climate change, see the Antipode special issue ‘The “New” Carbon Economy’, edited by Emily Boyd, Maxwell Boykoff and Peter Newell; the table of contents is here.

Thanks to Sara Koopman for the Democracy Now! links.