Video abstract – Janelle Cornwell talks about ‘Worker Co-operatives and Spaces of Possibility’

Hot on the heels of Staff Reporter Jesse Goldstein’s two-part essay on the OWS Screenprinters Coop and Guild which explores questions of markets, commons, and alternative ways of organising economic activity (see here and here), we have here Janelle Cornwell from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst talking about her new paper ‘Worker Co-operatives and Spaces of Possibility‘.

Forthcoming in Antipode 44(3), the paper investigates what Janelle calls ‘subject space’ at Collective Copies, a worker-owned cooperative copy shop in Amherst, MA. Janelle’s contention is that if we are to understand the organisation and growth of capitalist space, we should also seek to understand the organisation and expansion of non-capitalist economic spaces or ‘diverse economies’. Her paper is based on three years of ethnographic research with Collective Copies, and with this video abstract she takes the reader ‘into the field’ in unparalleled ways…