"Why are so many anarchists geographers…?"

An excellent question raised by philosopher Simon Critchley at the journal Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies‘ conference ‘The Anarchist Turn’. Videos of the presentations at the conference form a special issue of ADCS, which can be viewed here, and include contributions from Judith Butler and Todd May, among others.

Those looking for an answer to Critchley’s question could do worse than checking out Antipode 44:5 when it comes out in October. The special issue, edited by Simon Springer and provisionally entitled ‘Anarchist Geographies’, will contain papers from Myrna Margulies Breitbart, Richard White and Colin Williams, Anthony Ince, Nathan Clough, Jeff Ferrell, Adam Barker and Jenny Pickerill, Farhang Rouhani, and Uri Gordon – and Simon will be introducing it here at AntipodeFoundation.org soon. In the meantime, enjoy Critchley’s intervention…

Thanks to Stuart Elden for the link.