Anarchist Geographies – a special issue of Antipode

Issue 5 of Antipode‘s 44th volume will be out in a couple of months, and the papers which make up the special issue are available now online. Entitled ‘Anarchist Geographies’ and edited by Simon Springer (University of Victoria), Anthony Ince (University of Glasgow), and Jenny Pickerill, Gavin Brown and Adam Barker (University of Leicester), it promises to ‘reanimate’ radical geography’s anarchist traditions.

Almost three and half decades after Antipode‘s first special issue on anarchism – see here – the authors assembled make the case for why, as contemporary global challenges push anarchist theory and practice back into widespread currency, ‘geographers need to rise to this occasion and begin (re)mapping the possibilities of what anarchist perspectives might yet contribute to the discipline’. And with a foreword from pioneering anarchist geographer Myrna Breitbart, an afterword from Israeli anarchist theorist and activist Uri Gordon, and seven superb papers from scholars both eminent and emerging, we’re sure you’ll agree they make the case well.

Antipode 44(5) – Anarchist Geographies


Looking Backward/Acting Forward by Myrna Margulies Breitbart


Reanimating Anarchist Geographies: A New Burst of Colour by Simon Springer, Anthony Ince, Gavin Brown, Jenny Pickerill and Adam J. Barker


Anarchism! What Geography Still Ought To Be by Simon Springer

The Pervasive Nature of Heterodox Economic Spaces at a Time of Neoliberal Crisis: Towards a ‘Postneoliberal’ Anarchist Future by Richard J. White and Colin C. Williams

In the Shell of the Old: Anarchist Geographies of Territorialisation by Anthony Ince

Emotion at the Centre of Radical Politics: On the Affective Structures of Rebellion and Control by Nathan L. Clough

Anarchy, Geography, and Drift by Jeff Ferrell

Radicalizing Relationships To and Through Shared Geographies: Why Anarchists Need to Understand Indigenous Connections to Land and Place by Adam J. Barker and Jenny Pickerill

Practice What You Teach: Placing Anarchism In and Out of the Classroom by Farhang Rouhani


Anarchist Geographies and Revolutionary Strategies by Uri Gordon