Call for contributions – Forum on 'Communifesto for Fuller Geographies: Towards Mutual Security'

Antipode has always welcomed the infusion of new ideas and the shaking-up of old positions through productive debate, never being committed to just one view of analysis or politics. Its symposium series (see here and here) was recently launched to foster open and critical discussion of essays which seek to critique established thought and explore alternatives. The Participatory Geographies Research Group’s ‘Communifesto for Fuller Geographies: Towards Mutual Security’ is just the sort of essay we have in mind: original, innovative, striving to push boundaries and, perhaps more importantly, engage with others in constructive dialogue.

The Communifesto – together with seven invited responses from Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro, Iain Hay and Michael Scott, Rich Heyman, Sara Kindon, Natascha Klocker and Danielle Drozdzewski, Pamela Moss, and Mark Purcell – has been online for a couple of weeks now, and we welcome comments from readers (for more information see here). In another month, its authors will reply and the conversation, we hope, will continue.