March issue of Antipode out now

Antipode 45(2) is out now. There’s the Editorial Collective’s annual editorial asking ‘What does it mean to win?‘, one intervention from Hilda Kurtz considering the Trayvon Martin case and US self-defense doctrine (you can read the accompanying poem here), and another from Kelvin Mason, Gavin Brown and Jenny Pickerill asking ‘What do critical human geographers know that’s of any use?‘ (and we thought our question was tough!).

There are also 13 great papers which together demonstrate contemporary radical geography’s intellectual acuity, liveliness and pluralism…

Locating Neoliberalism in Dubai: Migrant Workers and Class Struggle in the Autocratic City by Michelle Buckley

Commercialising Nature: Mangrove Conservation and Female Oyster Collectors in The Gambia by Britt Crow and Judith Carney

WikiLeaks, Anarchism, and Technologies of Dissent by Giorel Curran and Morgan Gibson

Governing Future Radicals in Europe by Marieke de Goede and Stephanie Simon

From Homo economicus to Complex Subjectivities: Reconceptualising Farmers as Pesticide Users by Ryan E. Galt

Terra Economica: Waste and the Production of Enclosed Nature by Jesse Goldstein

Diamond Mining in Canada’s Northwest Territories: A Colonial Continuity by Rebecca Hall

Regularising Extraction in Andean Peru: Mining and Social Mobilisation in an Age of Corporate Social Responsibility by Matthew Himley

Environmental Justice Storytelling: Angels and Isotopes at Yucca Mountain, Nevada by Donna Houston

After the Exception: HIV/AIDS Beyond Salvation and Scarcity by Alan Ingram

Gender, Risk, and Micro-financial Subjectivities by Kate Maclean

Ways In and Out of Vulnerability to Climate Change: Abandoning the Mubarak Project in the Northern Nile Delta, Egypt by Andreas Malm and Shora Esmailian

The US Debtfare State and the Credit Card Industry: Forging Spaces of Dispossession by Susanne Soederberg