Radical public geographies: Antipode author on BBC Radio 4

Kendra StraussAntipode author Kendra Strauss will be speaking on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Thinking Allowed’ programme tomorrow, Wednesday 27th March, at 16:00 GMT. Cambridge geographer Kendra has been invited to take part in the show ‘Industrial ruination: Gang labour in the UK’, talking about her recent Antipode paper ‘Unfree Again: Social Reproduction, Flexible Labour Markets and the Resurgence of Gang Labour in the UK‘. Sussex geographer Ben Rogaly will also be on the programme, which is presented by Laurie Taylor and can be heard live here (it’s now available as a podcast/download).

Kendra’s paper, of course, is well worth a read, and if you’re interested be sure to check out these recent pieces also…

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