Video abstract – Andy Clarno talks about 'Rescaling White Space in Post-Apartheid Johannesburg'

Today we have the second of our video abstracts from Antipode 45(5) – Andy Clarno talking about his paper ‘Rescaling White Space in Post-Apartheid Johannesburg‘.

Tracing three political mobilisations in the wealthy suburbs of Johannesburg – a boycott of redistributive tax policies, the creation of gated communities and residents’ associations, and the demand for residential ‘city improvement districts’ – Andy examines state rescaling and networked governance and their constitution through struggles over governmental power. Putting historical and ethnographic research to work, his paper offers insights on shifting articulations of race, class and space, and the role of territory, identity and imagination in the production of scale.

Andy is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and African-American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is currently working on a book manuscript – The Empire’s New Walls – comparing the impact of political and economic restructuring on urban space in South Africa and Palestine/Israel over the last 30 years.