Antipode and the International Conference of Critical Geography

Our friends at ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies have just published the second issue of their 12th volume (freely available online here). As well as a symposium on ‘Sexual Landscapes, Lives, and Livelihoods in Canada’ guest edited by Catherine J. Nash and John Paul Catungal (Antipode has a forthcoming special issue provisionally entitled ‘World, City, Queer’ which should connect), they’ve two keynote lectures from the 6th International Conference of Critical Geography.


The ICCG took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, between 16th and 20th August 2011, and was partly supported by the Antipode Foundation (we made a grant of £5,000 that was distributed among 12 graduate students, early-career researchers and independent scholars to increase the diversity of those presenting papers and chairing sessions). The keynote lectures – Heide Gerstenberger’s ‘State, Capital, Crisis‘ and Alex Demirović’s ‘What Does It Mean to Speak of the Actuality of Critical Theory?‘ – look superb, and if you’re interested you should also see Heide’s ‘The Historical Constitution of the Political Forms of Capitalism‘ and Alex’s ‘Materialist State Theory and the Transnationalization of the Capitalist State‘ from Antipode‘s 2011 special issue guest edited by Markus Wissen and Ulrich Brand, ‘Approaching the Internationalization of the State‘.