Spotlight on South Africa


As the thoughts of many turn to South Africa today, some resources from Antipode‘s archives…

Practices of Solidarity: Opposing Apartheid in the Centre of London by Gavin Brown and Helen Yaffe (2013, doi: 10.1111/anti.12037)

Rescaling White Space in Post-Apartheid Johannesburg by Andy Clarno (2013, 45[5]:1190–1212)

Flows, Friction, and the Sociomaterial Metabolization of Alcohol by Mary Lawhon (2013, 45[3]:681–701)

The Adaptative Nature of Neoliberalism at the Local Scale: Fifteen Years of City Improvement Districts in Cape Town and Johannesburg by Sophie Didier, Marianne Morange and Elisabeth Peyroux (2013, 45[1]:121–139)

Participation and Passive Revolution: The Reproduction of Neoliberal Water Governance Mechanisms in Durban, South Africa by Fiona Nash (2013, 45[1]:101–120)

“We are Gauteng People”: Challenging the Politics of Xenophobia in Khutsong, South Africa by Joshua D. Kirshner (2012, 44[4]:1307–1328)

What Happened to the “Promised Land”? A Fanonian Perspective on Post-Apartheid South Africa by Nigel C. Gibson (2012, 44[1]:51–73)

Beneath the “Zunami”: Jacob Zuma and the Gendered Politics of Social Reproduction in South Africa by Mark Hunter (2011, 43[4]:1102–1126)

From Compounded to Fragmented Labour: Mineworkers and the Demise of Compounds in South Africa by Andries Bezuidenhout and Sakhela Buhlungu (2011, 43[2]:237–263)

The Neoliberalisation of the Local State in Durban, South Africa by Sagie Narsiah (2010, 42[2]:374–403)

The Provocations of Neoliberalism: Contesting the Nation and Liberation After Apartheid by Gillian Hart (2008, 40[4]:678–705)

Governing Post-Apartheid Spatiality: Implementing City Improvement Districts in Cape Town by Faranak Miraftab (2007, 39[4]:602–626)

The Dry Plight of Freedom: Commodifying Water in the Western Cape, South Africa by Anne-Marie Debbané (2007, 39[1]:222–226)

Maximum Working Class Unity? Challenges to Local Social Movement Unionism in Cape Town by David Christoffer Lier and Kristian Stokke (2006, 38[4]:802–824)

Maria’s Burden: Contract Cleaning and the Crisis of Social Reproduction in Post-Apartheid South Africa by Andries Bezuidenhout and Khayaat Fakier (2006, 38[3]:462–485)

Transnational Capital, Urban Globalisation, and Cross-Border Solidarity: the Case of the South African Municipal Workers by Franco Barchiesi (2001, 33[3]:384–406)

Special issue – Rural and Regional Restructuring of Apartheid: Ideology, Development Policy, and the Competition for Space (1991, 23[1]:1–184)