Black Food Geographies and Racialized Food Spaces on the radio

***You can download the interview, or listen online, here***

Today at 12:00 (Pacific Daylight Time) will be speaking about her new Antipode paper, The Elusive Inclusive: Black Food Geographies and Racialized Food Spaces, on Against the Grain, a radio and web media project (based at KPFA community powered radio) whose aim is to provide in-depth analysis and commentary on a variety of matters–political, economic, social and cultural–important to progressive and radical thinking and activism.

Based in Berkeley, California, Against the Grain “focuses on meaty theoretical and action-oriented issues that the mainstream media tends to ignore, matters like political economy, the global justice movement, philosophical and cultural ideas, and race and gender relations. We strive to bring these perspectives to the airwaves in a way that’s accessible, engaging, and, most of all, useful to people working for social change.”


is a grad student in the Department of Geography at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington; you can read all about her work here. Her Antipode paper, The Elusive Inclusive, is one of a growing number in the journal on food geographies, class/race/gender politics, social/environmental justice, community organisations and social movements. In the same issue we have 

Champions of the Movement or Fair-weather Heroes? Individualization and the (A)politics of Local Food by Julianne Busa and Rebekah Garder;

Disparity Despite Diversity: Social Injustice in New York City’s Urban Agriculture System by Kristin Reynolds; and

Decolonizing Food Justice: Naming, Resisting, and Researching Colonizing Forces in the Movement by Katharine Bradley and Hank Herrera.