New issue of Antipode, out now

The latest issue of Antipode is now available. Volume 48, number 3 (the 44th issue I’ve shepherded to press!?) contains no fewer than 16 papers; it’s a real showcase, exhibiting just how varied and vibrant, lively and plural, our discipline currently is…

Andy Kent, June 2016

Postsecularity, Political Resistance, and Protest in the Occupy Movement

Paul Cloke, Callum Sutherland and Andrew Williams

The Disappearing State and the Quasi-Event of Immigration Control

Mat Coleman and Angela Stuesse

Refusing to be Toured: Work, Tourism, and the Productivity of “Life” in the Colombian Amazon

Caitlin Craven

Arcangelo Ghisleri and the “Right to Barbarity”: Geography and Anti-colonialism in Italy in the Age of Empire (1875-1914)

Federico Ferretti

Rethinking Whiteness and Masculinity in Geography: Drinking Alcohol in the Field in Vietnam

Jamie Gillen

Neocolonial Urbanism? La Rénovation Urbaine in Paris

Stefan Kipfer

Seeing Green in San Francisco: City as Resource Frontier

Sarah Knuth

After the Ban: The Moral Economy of Property

Sig Langegger

Human Trafficking and Online Networks: Policy, Analysis, and Ignorance

Jonathan Mendel and Kiril Sharapov

Conceptualising European Privatisation Processes After the Great Recession

Julien Mercille and Enda Murphy

“I found the truth in Foot Locker”: London 2011, Urban Culture, and the Post-Political City

Gareth Millington

The New Washington Consensus: Millennial Philanthropy and the Making of Global Market Subjects

Katharyne Mitchell and Matt Sparke

Isolation Through Humanitarianism: Subaltern Geopolitics of the Siege on Gaza

Ron Smith

Reregulating For Freshwater Enclosure: A State of Exception in Canterbury, Aotearoa New Zealand

Amanda Thomas and Sophie Bond

The Inconsistent City, Participatory Planning, and the Part of No Part in Recife, Brazil

Pieter de Vries

Submergence: Precarious Politics in Colombia’s Future Port-City

Austin Zeiderman