New year, new issue – and it’s free…

Here it is, the first issue of Antipode’s 50th volume, free to download.*

“Where every breeze speaks of courage and liberty”: Offshore Humanism and Marine Xenology, or, Racism and the Problem of Critique at Sea Level – The 2015 Antipode RGS-IBG Lecture

Paul Gilroy (King’s College London)

The Urban Majority and Provisional Recompositions in Yangon – The 2016 Antipode RGS-IBG Lecture

AbdouMaliq Simone (Max Planck Institute)

“Our Tarkine, Our Future”: The Australian Workers Union Use of Narratives Around Place and Community in West and North West Tasmania, Australia

Ruth Barton (RMIT University)

Political Ecologies of Global Health: Pesticide Exposure in Southwestern Ecuador’s Banana Industry

Ben Wesley Brisbois, Leila Harris and Jerry Spiegel (University of British Columbia)

Keep Burning Coal or the Manatee Gets It: Rendering the Carbon Economy Invisible through Endangered Species Protection

John Carr and Tema Milstein (University of New Mexico)

Intergenerational Inequality? Labour, Capital, and Housing Through the Ages

Brett Christophers (Uppsala University)

Producing Victimhood: Landmines, Reparations, and Law in Colombia

Max Counter (University of Colorado Boulder)

Dispossession and the Depletion of Social Reproduction

Bina Fernandez (University of Melbourne)

A Hostile Takeover of Nature? Placing Value in Conservation Finance

Kelly Kay (University of California, Los Angeles)

Equation and Adequation: The World Traced by the Phillips Curve

Geoff Mann (Simon Fraser University)

Building More Inclusive Solidarities for Socio-Environmental Change: Lessons in Resistance from Southern Appalachia

Jennifer Rice (University of Georgia) and Brian Burke (Appalachian State University)

Potemkin Revolution: Utopian Jungle Cities of 21st Century Socialism

Japhy Wilson (University of Manchester) and Manuel Bayón (Acción Ecológica)

Politics of the Anthropocene: Formation of the Commons as a Geologic Process

Kathryn Yusoff (Queen Mary University of London)

*2019 is the journal’s 50th anniversary, and we’ll be celebrating in style; watch this space…