May Day departure and arrivals

It’s not only International Workers’ Day, but also, here in Wales, Calan Haf, and, in Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere, Beltane. Calan Haf and Beltane mark the start of the summer months, and are a time of celebration and renewal. Today at Antipode we’re getting into the spirit of the holiday by announcing a departure and two arrivals…

Jenny Pickerill (Department of Geography, University of Sheffield) is leaving the Editorial Collective after five years. As well as over 300 submissions and 25 issues of the journal, she’s been invaluable to the launch of our “translation and outreach” programme – a major part of the journal and Foundation’s efforts to “internationalise” its activities by facilitating engagement with scholarship from outside the English-speaking world. She will be missed.

David Featherstone (School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow) and Kiran Asher (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies, University of Massachusetts Amherst) will be joining us, expanding the size of the Editorial Collective from five to six. Dave’s work on the histories and geographies of resistance focusing on transnational solidarity networks, and Kiran’s on the gendered and raced dimensions of social and environmental change in the global South, will be well know to many readers. It’s exemplary activist scholarship, and you’ll be hearing more from them in the coming months.

Speaking of activist scholarship, don’t forget that the deadline for applications for this year’s Scholar-Activist Project Awards and International Workshop Awards is May 31st. The Antipode Foundation awards up to ten GB£10,000.00 grants each year to support both [i] collaborations between academics, non-academics and activists from NGOs, think tanks, social movements, or community grassroots organisations, among other places, and [ii] radical geographers holding events including conferences, workshops, seminar series, summer schools and action research meetings. Follow the links above for more details.