Book Review Symposium – Caleb Johnston and Geraldine Pratt’s “Migration in Performance: Crossing the Colonial Present”

Caleb Johnston and Geraldine Pratt, Migration in Performance: Crossing the Colonial Present, New York: Routledge, 2019. ISBN: 9781138885639 (cloth); ISBN: 9780367138301 (paper); ISBN: 9781315715339 (ebook)

Editors’ Introduction

The papers in this collection emerge from an authors meet critics session at the 2019 AAG in Washington, DC. The session was organised by Jessica Dempsey and Christopher Harker, and sought different perspectives on Caleb Johnston and Geraldine Pratt’s book Migration in Performance: Crossing the Colonial Present. The book traces the play Nanay over the last ten years, as it travels and transforms across different contexts in Canada, Germany and the Philippines. In doing so, it offers an account of a ground-breaking research process that turned research into performance and performance into policy debate, alongside highly sophisticated theoretical insights about the politics and ethics of working in transnational decolonial space. We are grateful to all the interlocutors who contributed to the session and to the authors for their response.

Jessica Dempsey (University of British Columbia) and Christopher Harker (University College London)

The Reviews

Lieba Faier (University of California, Los Angeles)

Alison Mountz (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Sarah de Leeuw (University of Northern British Columbia)

Neferti X. M. Tadiar (Barnard College, Columbia University)

Authors’ Response

Caleb Johnston (University of Newcastle) and Geraldine Pratt (University of British Columbia)