Production of Nature Re-Visited

40 years after its publication (and the end of his term as an editor of Antipode), Phil O’Keefe is back with a reflection on the (mis)adventures of the ideas presented in his now classic essay, “Geography, Marx, and the Concept of Nature”. Co-authored with the late Neil Smith, and first published in 1980 (it was re-published in our 1985 “best of”), the essay has long been an important point of reference for students of “the nature of nature”, and remains a touchstone.

Both “Production of Nature Re-Visited” and “Geography, Marx, and the Concept of Nature” are free to download using the links here: Production of Nature Re-Visited – Phil O’Keefe (2020) / Geography, Marx, and the Concept of Nature – Neil Smith and Phil O’Keefe (1980)

Phil O’Keefe is Professor Emeritus of Economic Development and Environmental Management at Northumbria University. With a degree in Geography from Newcastle University and PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Phil has been teaching and researching at universities since 1973, including the University of Khartoum, the Disaster Research Unit at the University of Bradford, Clark University, and the Beijer Institute at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Northumberland born and bred, Phil joined the faculty at Northumbria University in 1984, and stayed there until retirement. For more on his life and work, see