Virtual Issue on Palestine/Israel

***Update, 26 October 2023: the following articles will be free to read until the end of the year***

“to stop the earthquake”: Palestine and the Settler Colonial Logic of Fragmentation – Jamal Nabulsi (2023)

Paths of Erasure and Trails of Resistance in a Neo-Settler-Colonial City – Michal Huss (2023)

Unfastening Israel’s Future from the Occupation: Israeli Plans for Partial Annexation of West Bank Territory – Merav Amir (2023)

Selling Rural Palestine: Land Devaluation, Ethical Investment, and the Limits of Human Rights – Paul Kohlbry (2022)

Self-Surveillance in a Settler-Colonial Context: CCTV and Tribal Authority in the Bedouin Town of Hura – Anna Lichinitzer and Itay Snir (2022)

Antipode has long published radical geographical scholarship on Palestine/Israel. In this virtual issue, we make these articles available to a wider audience in support of those scholars and activists who witness, live with, and resist the ongoing occupation and Israeli apartheid, and those who stand in solidarity with them. Please circulate widely – the articles will be free to download for the next two months.

The Antipode Editorial Collective, 24 May 2021

Women’s Lives Beyond the Checkpoint in Palestine – Mark Griffiths and Jemima Repo (2020)

Inside Checkpoint 300: Checkpoint Regimes as Spatial Political Technologies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – Alexandra Rijke and Claudio Minca (2019)

Negotiating Colonial Violence: Spaces of Precarisation in Palestine – Mikko Joronen (2019)

A Political Ontology of Land: Rooting Syrian Identity in the Occupied Golan Heights – Michael Mason and Muna Dajani (2019)

Material Footprints: The Struggle for Borders by Bedouin‐Palestinians in Israel – Sharri Plonski (2018)

Distinction and the Ethics of Violence: On the Legal Construction of Liminal Subjects and Spaces – Nicola Perugini and Neve Gordon (2017)

Hope in Hebron: The Political Affects of Activism in a Strangled City – Mark Griffiths (2017)

Bodies That Walk, Bodies That Talk, Bodies That Love: Palestinian Women Refugees, Affectivity, and the Politics of the Ordinary – Ruba Salih (2017)

Gendering Palestinian Dispossession: Evaluating Land Loss in the West Bank – Caitlin Ryan (2017)

Geoeconomics in the Long War – John Morrissey (2017)

The Agnotology of Eviction in South Lebanon’s Palestinian Gatherings: How Institutional Ambiguity and Deliberate Ignorance Shape Sensitive Spaces – Nora Stel (2016)

Isolation Through Humanitarianism: Subaltern Geopolitics of the Siege on Gaza – Ron Smith (2016)

“Death comes knocking on the roof”: Thanatopolitics of Ethical Killing During Operation Protective Edge in Gaza – Mikko Joronen (2016)

Limits of Dissent, Perils of Activism: Spaces of Resistance and the New Security Logic – Merav Amir and Hagar Kotef (2015)

The Separation Wall: A Symbol of Power and a Site of Resistance? – Polly Pallister-Wilkins (2011)

Civilized Borders: A Study of Israel’s New Crossing Administration – Irus Braverman (2011)