Black Geographies Podcast Series on 1919Radio

The good people at 1919Radio this month launched their Black Geographies Podcast Series with Rashad Shabazz talking about his work on “Spatializing Blackness”. Future episodes will feature Brandi Summers on Gentrifying Blackness, Simone Browne on Surveilling Blackness, and Brian Jefferson on Digitizing Blackness. These important interventions will be available online at in the coming weeks. Right now, you can read more from the 1919 collective below:

1919 is an interdisciplinary print magazine and multimedia platform for Black cultural production, political education, and internationalist solidarity and imagination. The 1919 collective is based in Canada, and just released its fifth magazine issue, and currently runs a soundcloud radio designed to host educational interviews and independent artists alike.

The current project airing on 1919Radio is the Black Geographies Podcast Series, which brings together four authors in the emerging field of Black Geographies to explore the conditions of Blackness across multiple spatial dimensions. Our collective sat down with Rashad Shabazz, Brandi Summers, Simone Browne, and Brian Jefferson, all preeminent authors in the field of Black Geographies, to discuss their respective books. The goal of the series is to bring radical ideas of race, space, and the politics of place out of academia and into our community and streets through an engaging and accessible medium. Transcripts for each episode will be available on our website at Episodes for the series will be dropping on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts biweekly in the months of June and July, so tune in for some excellent content!