Interventions on Palestine

As editors of a radical journal of geography, we consider it fundamental to contribute to the scholarly and political debate about the Palestinian genocide. We have commissioned a set of pieces that provide a critical geographical analysis and speak to issues such as imperialism, settler colonialism, racism, transnational Left solidarities, and the conflation of any critique of Zionism with anti-Semitism. Their authors were invited based on their expertise and ongoing engagement in critical discussions, and we would like to thank them, again, for their important contributions. These interventions bring to the fore fundamental analytical aspects that not only help us make sense of the horrors we continue to attest, but are also a step forward towards their end.

The Antipode Editorial Collective, 1 March 2024 (updated 11 April 2024; updated 15 May 2024)

Progeny of Empire: Defining Moments of Nation Formation in South Africa and Palestine/Israel by Gillian Hart

States of Uncaring, Abandoned Lives by Noam Leshem

The Flood by Eleri Connick

Vanishing Acts: How the Israeli Media Manages Gaza by Rebecca L. Stein

On Solidarity: Responses of European Labor to the Gaza Genocide by Nithya Nagarajan

It’s been 164 Days and a Long Century: Notes on Genocide, Solidarity, and Liberation by Omar Jabary Salamanca, Punam Khosla and Natasha Aruri

Policing Palestine Solidarity: Moral Urban Panics and Authoritarian Specters in Germany by Vanessa E. Thompson and Pinar Tuzcu

Featured image: “Ceasefire Petition Gathering 023” by rajatonvimma /// VJ Group Random Doctors (; CC BY (