Bilingual Intervention – “LatinX and Latin American Geographies: A Dialogue” / “Diálogo entre las geografías LatinX y latinoamericanas”

This intervention piece “LatinX and Latin American Geographies: A Dialogue” written by Latin American and Latinx feminist geographers (Sofia Zaragocin Carvajal, Margaret Marietta Ramírez, Maria...
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Excess and the Outsides of Capitalism – A Conversation with Vinay Gidwani, Cindi Katz and Neferti Tadiar

Organised by Jessica Dempsey and Geraldine Pratt, UBC [email protected], [email protected]

***A downloadable version of the following conversation is available here*** For decades now feminists from all over the world have rethought capitalism beyond the limitations of orthodox and...
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Intervention – “A Femifesto for Teaching and Learning Radical Geography”

The Athena Co-Learning Collective Who are We, and What is Our Project? The Athena Co-Learning Collective is a group of graduate students and faculty at the University...
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