New page for creative matter and supplementary material

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed the new page at the top of – ‘Supplementary Material‘. In this section of the website you’ll find – perhaps unsurprisingly – material supplementing work published in Antipode, as well as some ‘creative matter’ including ‘Cerebral Celibacy’ by Adrina Bardekjian Ambrosii (a poem from December 2009 about that North American rite of passage, the comprehensive exam).

Our first bit of ‘supplementary material’ proper comes from the University of Georgia’s Hilda Kurtz. Hilda has just published an intervention, forthcoming in Antipode 45(2) in 2013, entitled ‘Trayvon Martin and the dystopian turn in US self-defense doctrine‘. It examines self-defence doctrine and racialised law enforcement in the US in the wake of the February 2012 killing in Florida of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, an un-armed black teenager. We’re really pleased to be able to present a rendering of these concerns in the form of a poem, ‘Stand Our Ground’.

In the coming months we’ll be posting photos, video and other materials which add something important to Antipode papers. (And even if you’re not an Antipode author, please get in touch if you’ve something to share; the journal was home to some superb artwork in the past, and we’d love to be able to continue that tradition.)