Activism, environment, food, universities, and…post-Wall German filmmaking: Antipode volume 45, issue 3 out now

Antipode volume 45, number 3 out now…


Human Subjects Research and the Ethics of Intervention: Life, Death, and Radical Geography in Practice by Richa Dhanju and Kathleen O’Reilly

On Racial Difference and Revolution by Joshua Inwood and Anne Bonds

The 2011 Antipode AAG Lecture

Whose Responsibility Is It? Obligation, Citizenship, and Social Welfare by Lynn A. Staeheli


Rules for Cultural Radicals by John Vail and Robert Hollands

Solidarity™: Student Activism, Affective Labour, and the Fair Trade Campaign in the United States by Bradley R. Wilson and Joe Curnow

“You cannot measure a tzuultaq’a”: Cultural Politics at the Limits of Liberal Legibility by Megan Ybarra

Articulating Climate Justice in Copenhagen: Antagonism, the Commons, and Solidarity by Paul Chatterton, David Featherstone and Paul Routledge

Symbolic Violence and the Politics of Environmental Pollution Science: The Case of Coal Ash Pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Vanesa Castán Broto

“Participation”, White Privilege, and Environmental Justice: Understanding Environmentalism among Hispanics in Toronto by Hilary Gibson-Wood and Sarah Wakefield

The Socio-Nature of Local Organic Food by Alison Hope Alkon

Flows, Friction, and the Sociomaterial Metabolisation of Alcohol by Mary Lawhon

Class in a Glass: Capital, Neoliberalism, and Social Space in the Global Wine Industry by John Overton and Warwick E. Murray

Beyond Alternative: Exploring the Potential for Autonomous Food Spaces by Amanda DiVito Wilson

Neoliberalising the Fordist University: A Tale of Two Campuses in Frankfurt a. M., Germany by Bernd Belina, Tino Petzold, Jürgen Schardt and Sebastian Schipper

Territorial Appeals in Post-Wall German Filmmaking: The Case of Good Bye, Lenin! by Kimberly Coulter